Stand inside a timeless gazebo and you’ll get a better sense of what it feels like to own one. It’s a unique environment where you can simply get away from it all or spend time with a special someone. Parties, gatherings and special events are all more memorable in a timeless gazebo.


Timeless gazebos have maintenance-free materials in virtually every component. In addition, there are some pleasant choices to make when it comes to styles and colors.


Our gazebos include these features and benefits:

  • Cupola – Made with materials to match the model of your choice.
  • Braces – Machined from solid polymer, our intricate decorative braces maintain their color and never need painting.
  • Roof style – Select from pagoda style or our popular standard style.
  • Roof materials – Architectural asphalt shingles available in 7 colors. Maintenance-free slate look roofing tiles available in 7 colors.
  • Hand rails – Select from 4 styles. Each has vinyl spindles; rails are solid treated wood in a vinyl sleeve.
  • Floor – Wood-plastic composite material with attractive wood grain texture. Select from 3 colors.
  • Screens – When chosen as an option, screens are fitted for tightness to create a nuisance-free interior environment.
  • Structural posts – The strength of solid treated wood, the maintenance-free advantages of a thick vinyl sleeve. No exposed treated wood.


Available in these three styles:



There is just something about the classic shape of the octagon gazebo that inspires the imagination and encourages an escape to quiet reverie. Timeless gazebos keep that new look for many years thanks to advanced maintenance-free materials.



The oval gazebo combines added spaciousness with optional screens and door to add practicality to an enhanced lifestyle. If you take an octagon and stretch it, you have what we call the oval floor plan. It provides more space for gatherings and parties, or just for stretching out a little more.



The conventional rectangular floor plan is more spacious than may first appear, and is a good choice for outdoor activities like picnics and dinner with friends. You will love the feeling of spending time in your gazebo, and will really appreciate that it requires virtually no maintenance, ever.  The enchanting pagoda roof adds an extra dimension of appeal to the simple rectangular shape. Select from a wide range of material options and colors. They are all maintenance-free for added years of enjoyment.


A timeless gazebo will become a centerpiece in your life.