There is just something about the classic shape of the octagon gazebo that inspires the imagination and encourages an escape to quiet reverie. Timeless gazebos keep that new look for many years thanks to advanced maintenance-free materials.


For a extra-special hideaway, choose from these models:

  • Octagon Classic – simple Victorian elements make this a good choice for a classic gazebo on your property.
  • Octagon Pagoda – with added roof section that we call the “Pagoda” to add a distinctive profile and provide a little “something extra” to the traditional octagon style.
  • Octagon Heritage – a classic gazebo form, with screen and door options for your lifestyle enjoyment. With screens, you enjoy the fresh clean outdoor environment with insect nuisance. What could be better?
  • Octagon Elegant – is the entry level maintenance-free gazebo that will add appeal and value to any property. (not pictured)